Our mission is to improve the way hot coffee, tea, and hot chocolate lovers enjoy their hot beverages throughout the world!

Coollid has conducted extensive research & development in the hot beverage manufacturing industry to create the perfect product to help consumers enjoy their favorite hot beverage without watering it down or altering the taste while at the same time helping prevent burns and accidental spills. Coollid helps to create a burn free & spill free drinking experience.

Coollid holds granted patents of its hot beverage consumption and packaging technologies in every major market of the world. The company is focused on bringing hot beverage lovers the most advanced technology for drinking quick service coffee in comfort.

Because of the demands of today’s fast paced environment, Coollid’s patented paper and plastic products help consumers enjoy their favorite hot beverage quickly and safely while on the go.

It is our mission to quietly and efficiently contribute to the enjoyment of hot beverages throughout the world by providing a superior product, while at the same time keeping costs down for merchants and consumers alike.

‘Set your beverage sales on fire…
NOT you customers!’

Client Testimonials

Gabriel Mejia – Fairfax, VA

“I use Coollid Lids for my hot coffee on my morning drive. It’s amazing how Coollid brings my hot coffee to the perfect temperature! The Coollid’s patented lid reservoir cools so efficiently without ‘over-cooling’! I also enjoy that I don’t have to risk spilling on myself while driving!”
Karinna Zappala – HOT Chocolate Lover

“My hot chocolate or VERY hot chocolate needs a Coollid Lid wherever I am at. It is such good news now I don’t have to worry about burning myself because the awesome Coollid disposable lids & cups work on my hot chocolate for me without me having to remove the lid like I used to!”