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Statistics don’t lie, and the environmental hazards created by our plastic trash has already become a global crisis.

According to the EPA, Americans generated 33 million tons of plastics in 2013, equivalent to 13 percent of the waste stream and of that only 9% of plastics were recycled in 2013.

Depending on the study, estimates for bio degradation of common use items such as single use cups, bottles and shopping bags ranges from a couple of centuries to 1000 years, any way you look at it, it is a really long time.

Why so long? While there are numerous reasons, it is basically that microbes do not recognize plastics as a food source.

INTRODUCING “Coollid-Bio” :

“Coollid-Bio” Lids are made with Eco-One® revolutionary patented technology material that can be both Bio-Based and Eco-Friendly, as well as 100% Recyclable.

. Eco-One® is an organic additive (not an oxo-biodegradable additive) that enhances the biodegradation of plastic products in a biologically active landfill.

· CoolLid Bio products are formulated with Eco-One® to enhance the biodegradation of our products in a biologically active landfill as demonstrated by third party testing of Eco-One® products using ASTM D5511 test method representing biologically active landfills.

· Eco Coollid-Bio is made with Eco-One®. ASTM D5511 tests that represent biologically active landfills (appropriate facilities may not be available in all areas) on representative packages have shown between 5% to 15% biodegradation in 67 days.

“Coollid ™, Our Revolution to End Pollution!”

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“I use Coollid Lids for my hot coffee on my morning drive. It’s amazing how Coollid brings my hot coffee to the perfect temperature! The Coollid’s patented lid reservoir cools so efficiently without ‘over-cooling’! I also enjoy that I don’t have to risk spilling on myself while driving!”

Gabriel, Fairfax, Virginia

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