Coollid holds patents of its hot beverage consumption and packaging technologies in every major market in the world. The company is focused on bringing hot coffee and tea lovers the most advanced technology for drinking quick service hot beverages in comfort.

Coollid has conducted extensive research & development in the hot beverage packaging and manufacturing industry to create the perfect product to help consumers enjoy their favorite hot beverages without watering them down with ice to cool while helping prevent burns and accidental spills. Coollid helps create a Spill-Proof, Burn-Proof drinking experience. Our inventor looked at the market and saw a huge opportunity to make a difference. And, our lids and cups are changing the way people enjoy hot beverages on the go! But, we’re not stopping there. We also recognize that Americans alone are using 60 Billion hot coffee cups per year. And, coffee consumption is on the rise! That’s why we offer Coollid Cups and Lids in bio-based construction as well. Contact us for more information.

Our mission is to improve the way coffee, tea, and hot chocolate lovers enjoy their hot beverages around the world while saving our planet by using Eco-One organic material in our products. Coollid Corporation holds multiple granted patents of its hot beverage cup lid technology in every major market around the world. The company is focused on providing the consumer with the safest and most advanced Spill-Proof & Burn-Proof cup packaging technology while saving the planet by using Eco-One organic-based material.

With the demands of today’s fast-paced environment, the patented Coollid-Bioproducts not only help consumers enjoy their favorite hot beverages quickly and safely without any risk of spill or burns but also save our planet with the Eco-One organic-based material ingredient.

It is our mission to efficiently contribute to the safety and enjoyment of hot beverage lovers around the world while contributing to the safety of our environment and saving our planet with the use of the Eco-One organic-based material ingredient one sip at a time. (Please see product details under the Eco-friendly Product tab.)

Why use ordinary cups and lids when you can use extraordinary cups and lids for the same price!